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The Friends of Wyalusing State Park opened the concession stand atop the Wisconsin Ridge a little later than in years past. Most years, the stand was opened on a limited basis, starting on Mother's Day. However, things changed in 2020.
Finally, in July, almost two months later, The Bluff Top Shop opened. Always mindful of our customer's and employees' safety, this year, we placed a special emphasis on safety.
Before the Bluff Top Shop could open, a special operating plan had to be submitted and approved by the Department of Natural Resources.
The first change our customers noticed, is that the concession stand windows are enclosed in plastic. The plastic serves to protect our employees and customers. With temperatures in the 90's and humidity to match, plus three freezers within the concession stand, there is a special challenge - keeping cool. In the past, three or more fans kept working conditions tolerable. This year, the Friends of Wyalusing, purchased an air-conditioner which will be used to keep the insides of the concession stand tolerable.
Secondly, keeping the customer safe before renting a canoe or kayak. Yes, The Bluff Top Shop does rent canoes and kayaks. Each canoe and kayak is disinfected before the next person rents it. The concession staff has a protocol that is followed for each rental. This includes disinfecting each life jacket (Personal Flotation Device) and paddle. We are most grateful when the PFD's are returned dry. It makes it a little easier to follow the safety procedures.
There are also signs posted around the concession stand, advising our customers of the procedures.
Counters are disinfected following a schedule. Hands are washed frequently. Hand sanitizer is provided for our customers as well. The staff is very mindful of our safety and the safety of our customers.
The staff wears disposable gloves when collecting payment for our services. Payment using the special credit card reader is safer for all. We still accept cash and we are most grateful.  Change is laid on the stainless steel counter which is disinfected after each transaction.
The concession stand also sells certified firewood from a self-serve area.
All of the profits made in the concession stand is returned to the park for special projects which enhance our customer's visit.

Concession Stand - Bluff Top Shop

Needless to say, and an understatement at best, it seemed like a lo-o-ng cold winter.  The long-anticipated opening of the Concession stand for 2020 is open!
The Bluff Top Shop is open every day from 9AM to 8PM.
This year, park visitors will experience many positive changes Once again, the concession stand will offer certified wood for campers. The hardwood bundles are stored inside, assuring a welcome campfire in the evening or excellent heating source for the creation of campfire culinary delights. ALL PROFITS FROM THE BLUFF TOP SHOP ARE RETURNED TO THE PARK.
The concession stand also offers other camper supplies like eating utensils, batteries, tarps, matches, etc. Some food items like marshmallows can also be purchased at the concession stand. Candy bars, chips, and soda pop are also available. Frozen treats and hot items are a favorite among park visitors.
Canoe rental is available through the concession stand.  Canoes are large enough for three adults or two adults and two children. Single-person kayaks are also available. All canoe/kayak rentals include paddles and life jackets.
The concession stand staff will look forward to your visit. Each staff person is knowledgeable about the area and is here to serve everyone.

Volunteering - Good for the Soul

 View video featuring Wyalusing Campground host Beth.

Smokey to Hibernate Rest of Summer - No Harvest festival

The Friends of Wyalusing is sad to announce that there will not be a Smokey Bear birthday celebration or a Harvest Festival for 2020.
We know that these two celebrations, held in August and September, are campers' favorite times. Due to COVID and social distancing requirements, the Friends of Wyalusing Board voted to suspend these two events for 2020.
We are hopeful that the concession stand, also run by the Friends of Wyalusing, will be open for business soon. A required business plan has been filed with the WI DNR and awaits approval. Canoe and kayak rental, wood sales, and other visitor favorites will be available at that time at the BLuff Top Shop.
The park is open and campers are welcome. As of this writing, there are still certain closures in the park. Please visit for additional information.