Letter from FOW President - Bruce Klang

Dear Friends,

It’s the end of August already and summer 2019 is drawing to a close at Wyalusing. The Friends of Wyalusing State Park is finishing up another year of service to your park. 

With the help from the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks and money from our endowment fund with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, we were able to provide a summer naturalist at the park. Kathryn Porter was hired by the DNR with this funding assistance and her programs were well received. We hope she will consider applying again in 2020. 

The season was not without issues however. We cancelled the harvest festival due to not being able to secure the Peterson Shelter in time under the new reservation system. River flooding hampered canoe rentals from the concession stand operated by the Friends group for much of the season. However, Pam and Randy Dressler and all of the staff at the concession did a spectacular job. A big thank you to them for all of the hard work. Stop by and see the new products they have to offer. 

We were able to provide some flowering trees this year for the park with some financial assistance from the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. The emphasis this year was on helping our native pollinators. 

We were able to provide new fire rings for the campsites within the park as part of a cooperative program with the DNR. 

In addition to the naturalist programs and assisting with DNR programs at the park, the Friends sponsored some of our usual programs and hikes. Smokey’s 75th birthday bash was a big hit with children of all ages. We are helping out with the hummingbird banding program. This year we also had a new program called Shakespeare in the Park put on by the Summit players Theater group. It went well and we are in the process for a repeat in 2020. Visit the website at wyalusingfriends.org and see all the great pictures and coverage of all the things happening at the park. 

A very special thanks to Randy Paske for maintaining this great web presence for the group. 

All in all, 2019 was a good year. On behalf of your 2019 Board of Directors, Randy and Kathy Paske, Kelly Renner, Kay Schmitz, Ruth Klang and myself, we would like to thank all the dedicated volunteers that help with events as well as those who help the Friends of Wyalusing State Park with their financial support.

The planning has already begun for 2020. Many things are already in motion for next year. On October 14, 2019 at 5:30 PM in the Peterson Shelter Building at the park we will hold our annual general meeting. This is your opportunity to elect the new board of directors for 2020. From the current board, Kathy Paske and Kay Schmitz have chosen not to seek re-election. Not to worry, two new faces have emerged ready to help. Lindsey Stratton and Matt Martin have expressed interest in board positions, and will be included on the October ballot. If there are others out there who wish to become a member of the board please let me or any of the current officers know as soon as possible so that we will have you on the ballot for October. Or feel free to bring us your suggestions, ideas or of course financial assistance. After the general meeting, the new board will meet to select officers for 2020 from within their group. All 2019 officers, President - Bruce Klang, Vice President /Treasurer - Randy Paske and Secretary - Kelly Renner, have indicated that they are willing to serve another term. However, that is up to the new board of directors.

Whatever the future may hold. I want to thank you the members of the Friends of Wyalusing State Park for your continued support of this great organization.

Bruce L. Klang

President – Friends of Wyalusing State Park