Hugh Harper Indoor Group

A favorite area for family reunions is the Hugh Harper Indoor Group Camp. The Hugh Harper Indoor Group Camp has four separate dorm buildings. Each one can accommodate 27 people (108 people total). Bunk beds with mattresses, indoor showers, and flush toilets are included. The buildings are heated. The main lodge houses the kitchen, dining, and meeting facilities. The kitchen is equipped with a gas range, large refrigerator, large freezer, microwave, commercial dishwasher (detergent is provided), coffee percolator, and all cooking, serving and eating utensils. There is a storage room and bathroom with a shower. A large charcoal grill is available just a few steps outside the kitchen. The Hugh Harper Indoor Group Camp is only one of three indoor group camps in Wisconsin State Park System.
The Hugh Harper Indoor Group Camp was opened in 1994. It was named for a longtime assemblyman that served the district that included Wyalusing Park. Hugh Harper worked tirelessly for the creation of the camp that was formed to teach youth about conservation.
The purpose of the Indoor Group Camp was for youth conservation education. Throughout the years, many many school groups have met for that very purpose. The camp served as the site of the first Wisconsin Badger Camp in 1966. Badger Camp is a recreational camp for individuals with developmental disabilities. The camp has grown from one week of activities to 12 weeks of camping, learning, and fun.
From 1979 to 1981 the Hugh Harper Indoor Group Camp served as the site of the Youth Conservation Corps. The purpose of the YCC was to put young people to work in forests and parks learning about conservation and working on projects.
In 1980, the Hugh Harper Group Camp served as housing for 170 Cubans who were part of a larger group seeking asylum from Fidel Castro.
Today, school districts from the area as well as southern Wisconsin stay at the group camp for two to three days as part of their outdoor education. The Indoor group camp also is rented for weddings, family reunions,  sewing guilds, Scout groups, and large meetings.
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