Whitetail Meadows Trail - Part 4 in a Series

Whitetail Meadows Cross Country Ski/Mountain Bike Trail  begins at the Huser Astronomy Center parking lot. Whitetail Meadows follows the boundary between woods and grassland.
*Previous description from: Wyalusing State Park Visitor Newspaper, 2010
Following is an unofficial trail description.
 Whitetail Meadows Trail
Trail Rating Guide:
1=walking on a level paved road.
10=Walking on an unmarked trail up a bluff, covered with leaves, poison ivy, tree roots and boulders the size of a house.
Whitetail Meadows Trail

Distance: The trail is made up of two loops. The inner loop is 1.9 miles, the outer loop is 3 miles. The inner loop will take about 1-1.75 hours. The outer loop 2-2.5 hours.
Time: 1-1.75 hours – 2.5 hours
Difficulty: 2.-2.5. Very gradual elevation changes. During mornings, dew will be found on the grass. This is one of Wyalusing State Park's easiest walking trails.
Mosquitoes:  Just before sunset, mosquitoes will be plentiful. Where long sleeves or use repellent.
Bathrooms: found at Huser Astronomy Center.
Parking: Huser Astronomy Center

Whitetail Meadows Trail begins at the Huser Astronomy Center parking lot. The parking lot is plowed during the winter. Whitetail Meadows Trail follows the boundary between woods and grassland. The trail stays near the top of the valley contours. When other trails are muddy and nearly impassable this trail is good to walk because it is on high dry ground with a lot of grass.
Huser Astronomy Center

This is a trail for the entire family to enjoy.

Whitetail Meadows Trail is a combination trail: xc-skiing, biking and walking trail.

This trail is also one of the best trails to walk during early evenings, especially during a full moon. A walker will hear coyotes and many birds of the evening. A quiet walker may even see deer grazing. The trail can be a very hot walk during peak summer days. The reward is few mosquitoes. During the late summer the walker will be rewarded with wild blackberries The trail is mostly banked with blackberries.(Thank you Nova for the note re blackberries!)