Wyalusing State Park Videos

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 16-44-29 Welcome to Wyalusing State Park – Part 2 Wyalusing Voices features interviews by veteran campers: Ruth and Gerald Uebele, Don and Lois Ebler, and Tom Zuern. View full size video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 16-46-53 Welcome to Wyalusing State Park. Wyalusing Part 1 Voices features interviews by veteran campers, Joanne and Harold Zenisek. The Zenisek’s have been camping at Wyalusing many many years, always in a tent and always on the Wisconsin Ridge. View video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 16-50-51 Wyalusing – A Place of Dreams
Wyalusing State Park, located in Grant County, SW, Wisconsin, along the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers is a place of dreams. Watch video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-12-09 Wyalusing State Park – Winter Wonderland
Wyalusing State Park, Bagley, Wi, transforms into a quiet, winter wonderland of solitude. Watch
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-13-18 Wyalusing Jo Visits Wyalusing Jo appears during Spirit night at Wyalusing State Park. The Spirits of Wyalusing make their appearance on the last Saturday of September. Watch introduction of Wyalusing Jo.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-14-35 The Pits Arrive Ten precast vault type pit toilets and pits arrived, February 15, 2011, on oversized lo boy flat bed semi trailers. In one day all were installed. Watch the progress.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-15-37 Arbor Day at Wyalusing State Park Arbor Day is April 29. The Friends of Wyalusing with Iowa Grant Middle School - 8th Grade planted nine trees at the Hugh Harper Indoor Camping Facility.Watch video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-17-59 CCC and WPA Changes Wyalusing State Park The Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) began it's work at Wyalusing State Park (formerly Nelson Dewey State Park) in 1935. The work continued until 1937. Watch video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-19-52 CCC Worker Visits Wyalusing State Park During the summer of 2011, Don Kasparek, his wide, Dorothy, and family visited Wyalusing State Park to deliver a photograph of Don as a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid 1930's. The photo was presented to The Friends of Wyalusing State Park and received by Bruce Klang, president. Later, a few members visited the Kasparek's to record a few additional stories of life in CCC camp Nelson Dewey. Watch  video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-21-27 Enrolling in the CCC and living at camp. It has been demonstrated that young men can be put to work in our forests, parks, and fields, on projects which can benefit both the nations youth and conservation -- April 17, 1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt. Watch Video
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-23-09 The Paul Lawrence Interpretive Center at Wyalusing State Park was dedicated on June 3, 2012. The building, originally constructed in 1939 under the depression era Works Progress Administration (WPA), will serve as a legacy to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), also a depression era program. The building served as the park office until 1998. "Paul Lawrence was the first park superintendent at Wyalusing State Park," said Wyalusing State Park Manager, Lisa Pitzer. "He was instrumental in the development of the park and the depression era programs that provided much of the infrastructure of the park that is still in use today." Watch  Video.
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-24-51 Lots of snow arrived, just in time for Christmas, 2012, providing a winter wonderland for XC skiiers and snowshoers. Traveling through the park whether walking, or driving, provides a moment of quiet solitude. Watch video
screenshot-www.youtube.com 2017-01-13 17-26-59 Goats Eating their Way Through Wyalusing State Park   Hazelton Brush Goats are literally eating their way through part of Wyalusing State Park. In cooperation with Driftless Land Stewarship, LLC, about 20 acres of wooded brush is being “managed” by 75 hungry goats. An electrified three-foot fence surrounds the area between the Paul Lawrence Interpretive Center and the Outdoor Group Camp. (Click to view Video)
screenshot-mail.google.com 2017-01-13 17-33-43 Passenger Pigeon Memorial Dedication on May 11, 1947 .  The video is part of the Wallace and Hazel Grange Collection here at the UW-Stevens Point Archives.  (Watch Video)