How High’s the Water….?

The River is flowing too fast for safe canoeing.  Warnings remain in effect along the Mississippi River at Wabasha and Mcgregor.
In addition, debris that has fallen across the canoe trail creates eddies which are dangerous for canoers. River forecasts take into account both observed and forecast precipitation.
Even with the absence of additional rain in the north, the river continues to flood.
During the best times for canoeing and kayaking, the river flows at 85 thousand cubic feet per second in the Mississippi River at McGregor Iowa. The canoe/kayak area is located in Woodyard slough where the water flows at a much slower rate. At the predicted flood stage The Mississippi River will flow at 246 thousand cubic feet per second.

Canoes and Kayaks will be removed from storage racks at the Wyalusing State Park Boat Landing. DSC_5407.

Updates to follow.