Augmented Reality - The Cherry on top of the Chocolate Sundae

Wisconsin state parks, forests, recreation areas, and trails offer some of the best scenery in the Midwest. Visitors escape the reality of the work-a-day and enjoy the natural wonders of state parks.
Visitors to Wyalusing State Park, in the driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, can even add a little extra - Augmented Reality(AR). Augmented reality has long sounded like a wild, futuristic concept, but the technology has been around for years. AR is all about superimposing computer-generated images on top of your view of reality, thus creating a composite view that augments the real world.
Today, handheld web-enabled devices are used to find a decent coffee shop, to make shopping less of a chore, to meet up with friends, or whatever it may be. Using the online information to enhance real life has come to Wyalusing State Park.
Wyalusing State Park was one of four areas recommended for state park status in 1911, by the Nolan Commission. It formally became a state park in 1917. At that time, it was called Nelson Dewey State Park – named for Wisconsin’s first governor. It was renamed Wyalusing State Park when Nelson Dewey State Park, near Cassville, Wi, became a State Park.
The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Work Progress Administration have played a very important part in the development of Wyalusing state park. In 1935, Camp Nelson Dewey began operations. The camp consisted of officers quarters, barracks, mess hall, latrines, infirmary, recreational hall, and supply depot.
There are many informational signs commemorating the feats of the CCC and WPA at Wyalusing state park. With the assistance of an Augmented Reality App for your handheld web-enabled device- HP Reality (formerly Aurasma) these signs “come to life”. Watch and listen as Don Kasparek describes life in a CCC camp, or Neal Kephart, a former superintendent of Wyalusing, tells about the influence of the CCC and WPA.

What do you need?
Al that is needed is an internet capable mobile device and an APP. The name of the free app is HP Reveal. The app was formerly called Aurasma. The second thing needed is to know when and where to point the camera. The app has small icons showing the locations in the park. The third thing needed is maybe a little patience. “This is not a perfect system. The app is dependent on having an internet connection to work. Additionally, the viewfinder can be finicky. Although we have tried to choose objects that work 100% of the time, a change in lighting or another uncontrollable factor can cause the app to be unable to recognize the image. When the app is unable to recognize the image the overlay will not appear.” said Paske
“We hope you visit as many of our Wisconsin state parks, forests, and trails as you can. Experience the reality and the Augmented Reality.”
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