Enjoy the Reality, Try the Future

Augmented reality(AR) will not replace a personal visit to Wyalusing State Park. No photograph or a change, in reality, can top the feeling of standing on an overlook 500 feet above the Wisconsin River, watching Turkey Vultures soaring and circling on currents of wind.

Crawling through a cave located within a bluff cannot be replaced by augmented reality. Listening to the echo of a waterfall can never be replaced by augmented reality.

Using an internet enabled device app equipped with a camera, visitors can walk through Wyalusing State Park, see videos, historical photographs, trail information, and park information presented as an overlay on their live screen. These applications use GPS and image recognition technology to look up data from an online database called HP Realty.

Almost all of our readers have seen augmented reality. The lines on a football field showing how many yards to go is augmented reality. Perhaps some of our readers participated in the Pokemon craze; that was augmented reality.

The future has arrived at Wyalusing State Park. Get the free app called HP Reveal for your internet enabled device. Come out to the park and enjoy the sights and sounds of reality. Maybe, try out a bit of augmented reality on your visit. Either way, enjoy your state park.

For additional information please follow this link: https://goo.gl/TTPBu8