Jonathon Ringdahl Brings Film Crew to Wyalusing State Park

Jonathon Rigdahl and Travel Wisconsin  visited Wyalusing State Park.  Ringdahl visited all of Wisconsin State Parks in 2013. His reviews of each state park can be found on this web site. He is also a board member for The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks.

Wyalusing State Park is located at  the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers.  One of Wisconsin's oldest state parks, Wyalusing features family and group camps, hiking trails, a canoe trail, Native American burial mounds, bird watching, fishing, boating, bicycling and picnicking near several scenic overlooks of the river valleys below the 500 foot Wisconsin Ridge Campground..
“I've been anxiously awaiting this video since meeting with the awesome film crew from Plum Moving Media! Great job guys! I hope you enjoyed the adventure I took you on! I love this video and it highlights why our state park system is the best! Thanks Travel Wisconsin for making this possible! These were two super-fun days!” Ringdahl said.