Old Immigrant Trail

Old Immigrant Trail
Begins at Knob Shelter and continues along the Wisconsin Rivers at Walnut Eddy. The trail then follows the Wisconsin River and eventually climbs the bluff to intersect Sentinel Ridge Trail.  
Following is an unofficial trail description.
Trail Rating Guide:

  • 1=walking on a level paved road.
  • 10=Walking on an unmarked trail up a bluff, covered with leaves, poison ivy, tree roots and boulders the size of a house. 
Old Immigrant Trail
Distance: 2.6 mile one way. Intersects with Sentinel Ridge Trail and Old Wagon Road Trail 
Time: 1.5-2.5 hours
Difficulty: 2.5-4.0
Bathrooms: None on the trail. Trail head Bathrooms located in Wisconsin Ridge Campground
Parking: Very small parking lot on far end of Wisconsin Ridge Campground. 
Water: Fountain located in Wisconsin Ridge Campground.

Old Immigrant Trail and "Old Trail Made New*
In 2007 a deluge of rain caused much damage along the trail systems of Wyalusing State Park. Trails simply disappeared. Ravines replaced areas that once had steps. Trees, rocks and boulders were strewn over all of the trails along Wisconsin Ridge.
The staff of Wyalusing State Park as well as other DNR people spent the last eight years repairing, rererouting, and rebuilding  the trail system.
The last trail, Old Immigrant Trail, was finally opened in the summer of 2015.*

*Wyalusing State Park Visitor Guide Summer 2015, Lisa Pitzer- Park Manager