New Playground–Homestead Picnic Area

DSC_0086Children visiting Wyalusing State park have a new playground! The playground is located at Homestead Picnic Area. The playground was made possible through the generous donations of The Friends of Wyalusing State Park, Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, and the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Property Grant.
The playground features a slide, rock climb, log jam climb and two swings. The ground cover is 8 inch bark.
It is hoped that the new playground will introduce park visitors to an area of the park. The Homestead Picnic area is located via the Homestead Campground.  A walking/biking trail is located at the end of the south section of the campground.  The picnic area has a  accessible bathroom, water, and a picnic shelter with a fireplace.  The new playground and picnic area is also accessible by car. There are two parking lots – one next to the shelter, and the second located at the Sugar Maple Nature Trail.
Robert Glenn and his family’s  home and farm were located what is now called Homestead Picnic Area. Homestead Campground was part of Glenn’s land.  Robert Glenn had a dream, that one day, this land would become a state park. Finally, in 1917 his dream became reality.  Before Wyalusing State Park, the land was known as Marquette State Park, and Signal Hill State Park. In 1917, it was officially named Nelson Dewey State Park. However locals called it Glenn Park after Robert Glenn, whose dream it was to have the land an official state park. Finally, in 1937, the park was officially called Wyalusing State Park.
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