Harv Peterson Shelter Renovations Being Completed After 76 Years

photo 2The steps, located on the southwest corner of the Peterson Shelter, are being re-leveled. The Harv Peterson Shelter, was originally started by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the later part of the 1930’s. At that time, just the masonry work was completed. In 1937, the  men of Camp Nelson Dewey were dismissed. The shelter remained unfinished.

In the spring of 1938, WPA workers arrived at Nelson Dewey State Park (Wyalusing State Park). The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was the largest and most ambitious of Roosevelt’s New Deal.  The first task for the WPA was to complete the roof of the Peterson Shelter.

Today, some 75 years later, local masons are putting the final touches on the renovation of the Peterson Shelter. A few new stones are being added for the steps. The stones are quarried from the same stone quarry used by the CCC.  Prior to 2014, new electrical service was installed, partially paid for by the Friends of Wyalusing. The building was acid photo 3washed, re-tuck pointed, fireplaces repaired, the west stone floor was re-leveled, and eve troughs and down spouts were added.

Harvard Peterson was a Civilian Conservation Corps Engineer in charge of building the “Combination Building”. He was also the park’s second superintendent.  (Right-Stepping stones  laid out.)