Visitor Improvements at Wyalusing State Park

Earlier this spring the Passenger Pigeon monument at Wyalusing State park was rededicated by the Wisconsin Society or Orinthology. The monument commemorates the extinct passenger pigeon which, at one time, darkened the skies as it flew over this area.

A major effort to restore the 67-year old monument was led by Stanley Temple, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology and senior fellow at the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Today, the monument can be seen from the Mississippi River standing sentinel to an era long past.

In addition to the Passenger Pigeon monument, visitors also stop to view Lookout Point. Lookout Point is favorite of young and old, new visitors or visitors returning season after season. High atop the 525 foot kbluff, visitors marvel at the majestic confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, and overlooks the cities of Praririe du Chien, Wi, and McGregor, Ia.

The road from Lookout Point, and three parking lots have been resurfaced. The smooth newly black topped road is a welcome improvement to the park.

The renovation to Peterson Shelter, begun last year is finished. The exterior rock walls have been cleaned and tuck-pointed. All three fireplaces have been repaired. Eve troughs blending with the building's architecture, have been installed to help with water runoff and preserve the masonry. A new service road has been installed. The friends of Wyalusing have helped with a major electrical update to the entire building. And, finally, handicap accessible sidewalks have been added around the shelter.

The Wyalusing Room, formerly the Nature Center, features a large screen, electrical outlets, a fireplace, and benches. There are also three levels of lighting. The cozy area provides a small meeting place, or a place to get out of the inclement weather.

Other changes, not seen by the public, are new wells, and new septic systems.

The Wyalusing Park Leadership team are also planning on changes for the immediate future which will be announced later in the season.