Birding Blitz–Natural Resources foundation*

This year’s trip to Birding Blitz – Wyalusing State Park is sold out.

t_1213On Friday, May 23 The Natural Resources Foundation Birding Blitz Team will spend eight hours searching Wyalusing State Park and surrounding sites for as many bird species as possible. This Mississippi River valley site encompasses steep hills and bluffs forested with oaks and hickories, floodplain forest in the bottomlands, patches of oak savanna and prairie, hillside springs, bare cliffs, and talus slopes.

We hope to see a wide variety of birds there, including red-shouldered hawk, Acadian flycatcher, yellow-throated vireo, Bell’s vireo, cerulean warbler, Kentucky warbler, Louisiana waterthrush, and the rare yellow-throated warbler. Tens of thousands of land birds and raptors pass through during migration.

The Birding Blitz field trips are an effort of the 2014 Great Wisconsin Birdathon through the 2014 Natural Resources Foundation Field Trip Program. We are helping to raise $75,000 for Wisconsin's birds.

The Natural Resources Foundation  have Birding Blitz Field Trips in other locations across the state. These trips are important fundraisers for all of our state's birds, and offer a wonderful opportunity to spend the day with experts at some of the best birding spots in Wisconsin.

Right now there is space on the following trips. Anyone can sign up for trips  via the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin at by clicking on the "Register for Field Trips" link. The trips are open to all members.  Membersip to the Foundation is Foundation to do so. $75 of the registration fee goes directly to the Bird Protection Fund, which supports projects that help meet birds' breeding, wintering, and migrating needs.
•       North Empire Prairie with Mark Martin and Sue Foote-Martin  (#16)Saturday, May 10, 6am-2pm. $87
•       Cedarburg Bog with Owen Boyle and Tim Vargo (#25). Saturday, May 17, 6am-2pm. $87
•       Lake Superior (near Superior) with Robbye Johnson (#33). Friday, May 23, 6am-2pm. $87
•       Southern Kettle Moraine with Tim Hahn and Matt Kemp (#34). Friday, May 23, 6am-2pm. $87
•       Buena Vista Grassland with Gerry Janz and Maureen Brocken (#37).Saturday, May 24, 6am-2pm. $87
•       Door County with Paul Regnier (#47). Saturday, May 31, 6am-2pm. $87

Please support our effort! You can donate a set amount OR pledge an amount per species for the total number of species our team observes on the Birding Blitz field trip. Photo Credit to JMayer, DZJohnson, and RBrady

Your donation or pledge supports the Bird Protection Fund and state-wide projects that protect the breeding, migrating, and wintering needs of Wisconsin's birds. All donations and pledges are tax-deductible.


*Reprint by permission Natural Resources Foundation , Sadowski, Maria – NRF. For additional information: