The Sugar Maple Trail is your ticket to a wonder of winter. Sugar Maple Trail invites users to explore 1.5 miles all seasons of the year. Both hikers and snowshoers enjoy conquering the steep slopes and the series of steps found along this heavily wooded, self-guided nature trail. Interpretive signage along the path identifies various plants and states ecological principles. Deep in the recesses of a narrow niche in Wyalusing’s 500-foot-high bluffs lies Pictured Rock Cave. In winter the sheltering dolomite overhang holds a beautiful frozen waterfall from rim to floor.
Ski poles are recommended.
Access to Sugar Maple trail may be a little daunting. Homestead drive isn’t being plowed. Therefore, parking access to Homestead parking area isn’t accessible.
Long Drive (the road to the boat docks) is being plowed. The closest access to Sugar Maple trail is at the boat dock parking lot.
Stop in at the park office and ask about road conditions. While you are at the office, ask about Friends of Wyalusing shirts and sweatshirts. They make wonderful Christmas presents.