Immigrant Trail Reconstruction - Week 2

The giant Caterpillar has ascended from the Wisconsin River Valley floor, via Wagon Road trail, to be trailered away. Thanks to the bulldozer, and the efforts of park staff and volunteers from Prairie du Chien, trees have been cleared from Immigrant Trail, and the trail bed is eight feet wide.

WARNING! Officially, the trail is NOT open for hiking. It is NOT an official park trail. It is NOT safe to walk. There are many overhanging trees. The trail still has rough rock paths in places. Construction crews are sawing trees. Visitors could be issued tickets by park rangers.

Note: Ankle spraining rocks - ouch!
Immigrant trail has rough spots, some with uneven rocks, some just a little larger than a football, strewn about.

The first stage of trail clearing took around ten days. The red dashed line shows the progress thus far.

Western end of Trail - 11/2
As of this writing, the Immigrant trail stops at the same point that it did prior to the rains of July 2007. Signs left from the existing trail can still be viewed at the far western end of Immigrant trail.

At this point, the trail will, most likely, begin to ascend and intersect with Sentinel Ridge Trail. However, the best option for this writer was to back track along the Immigrant Trail, once again.

Trail crews will continue to work until the weather makes a turn for the worse. Light-duty machinery will continued to be in use. The entire trail reconstruction is still off limits! Let's face it, the only way to get there is to walk down Wagon Road trail to the valley floor - a drop of approx 500 feet. Then back up! Argh!

Additional Immigrant trail reconstruction photos can be viewed at this link.

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