My Dog got Loose!

When arriving in the park, use your cell phone or digital camera to photograph your pets.

It is too late for this reminder:
Pets must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet at all times. Pets must be under control at all times. Pet owners are not allowed to let their pets interfere in any manner with other people's enjoyment of the park. These rules apply to all pets except service animals helping people with disabilities.

Lost dog poster
First…Place water and familiar items in the area where your dog went missing, or was last seen….(e.g. Kennel,dog bed, blanket, your coat,or anything that has your scent on it). Continue placing familiar items out in that area, until dog is found!* Refrain from placing food on the ground or anywhere else. Racoons and other wild animals are attracted by the food as well.

Second...Notify the office staff, park ranger, and concession stand staff. Park office: (608) 996-2261, Concession Stand (608) 996-2333. Be prepared to describe your dog: breed, color(s), gender, weight, and age, color of collar and tags, as well as demeanor. (Is it friendly, or timid, or shy?)*

Next, call local (City and Town) Police Departments, Vet Clinics & Humane Societies.  Grant County Sheriff (Non Emergency) (608) 723-2157, Lancaster Vet Clinic (608) 723-6366, Southwest Vet Services (Prairie du Chien) (608) 326-6464.

Notify other campers. Describe your lost dog, Give them a slip of paper with your phone number, the park office phone number and your camp site number. Advise them that if they see your dog to keep it in sight. Emphasize that they should not try to catch the dog, but call you immediately.

When the dog has been spotted, go to the area w/ smelly food and leash. Remain calm. As soon as you see your dog, LOWER YOUR BODY DOWN TO THE GROUND You might even sit on the ground. Use FAMILIAR, positive words like “treat” or “go for walk” etc…IF your dog is normally a little shy around strangers, it may not even come to YOU right away! If this is the case, it is recommended that you place good smelling food (like canned cat food), and familiar items with your scent on It…near the area right away!!* Please be advised that this may not be permitted in the park as it may also attract wild animals. The goal is to keep your dog in that area. If food, water, & shelter are easily accessible for your dog…and is not forced to run out of fear, most likely, your dog will stay near-by.

In the event that you have to leave the park without your dog, inform the office. When you return home, go to these places on the web:,, Carigslist,,, and