Wyalusing State Park by Video

Wyalusing State Park is located in southwest Wisconsin along the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers. Here, one can hike and camp 500 feet above the Wisconsin River on the Wisconsin Ridge campground. A park visitor can also picnic high above the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. Extend your stay and experience the canoe trail in the back waters of the Mississippi River as well as the banks of the "Big Muddy".

The videos below show the visitor just a bit of what to expect. But, as the saying goes, "You really should have been here!"

The last four videos show typical campsites in Wisconsin Ridge Campground, Homesead Campground and the Outdoor Group tent campground.

Wyalusing State Park (Link to YouTube Video)

By Scott Tarnoch with permission

Wisconsin Ridge Campground Sites (Link to YouTube Video)*

Homestead Campground and Sites (Link to YouTube Video)*

Outdoor Group Tent Campground (Link to YouTube video)*

Hugh Harper Indoor Group Camp.

*Videos Used with email permission: by John  Wanserski, http://mywisconsinspace.com