Explore Wyalusing State Park*

People of all ages have a great time at Wyalusing State Park located in the Driftless area of the southwest corner of Wisconsin. Activities abound, whether walking on the trails, birding, photography, canoeing, fishing, biking, or camping.

Even with all of these activities, sometimes parents hear,“I'm bored. There's nothing to do here.” Even though Wyalusing State Park has abundant flora and fauna, you just can't seem to get them interested in their surroundings.

Make tracks to the Park Visitor Center and ask for a Wisconsin Explorer booklet. Make tracks to the Park Visitor Center and ask for a Wisconsin Explorer booklet. Booklets are available for kids 3-5, 6-8, and 9 and up. The program is designed for individual children visiting state properties with family members or adult friends.

Each Wisconsin Explorer booklet is filled with games, scavenger hunts, hikes, and crafts to help you explore Wisconsin’s great outdoors together during your stay in the park. It also shares interesting facts and information about the park. Parents can help their kids complete the required activities and earn any one of the three different badges: a Sugar Maple State Tree patch for ages 3-5 (Link), a Red Granite State Rock patch for ages 6-8 (Link), or a Trilobite Patch for ages 9 and up (Link).

The Wisconsin Explorer program is designed to provide participants with the flexibility to see and interact with the park at their own pace and within the limits of their own time. By presenting information to kids in a fun and interactive manner, the Wisconsin Explorer program enhances their understanding and appreciation of the bounties of nature and their State Park, encouraging them to help protect and preserve them.

The goal of the Wisconsin Explorer program is to Educate, Entertain, and Inspire. The staff at Wyalusing State Park and the Friends of Wyalusing State Park wants to educate you about fun opportunities to get outside and learn about the natural resources available in Wisconsin State Parks. And, we want to inspire you to become more involved in State Parks and the outdoor world.

At the end of their visit, kids can go to the visitor center to show their completed booklet to the Ranger. They are then sworn in as Junior Rangers and receive an official Junior Rangers certificate and badge or patch. This ceremony instills a sense of achievement, pride and responsibility in your little one, not to mention provides a perfect photo opportunity for proud parents!

*Every attempt is made to keep this blog as accurate and up to date as possible. Sometimes, the source information may be in the process of being updated.