Smokey Bear Celebrates 67th birthday at Wyalusing State Park

Over 75 Wyalusing State Park visitors attended Smokey bear's 67th birthday party at Wyalusing State Park on Tuesday evening, August 9, 2011. From the back of the Park's environmentally friendly electric vehicle, Smokey Bear led a parade of children and adults around Wisconsin Ridge Campground. Park campers and visitors decorated their bikes and wagons with birthday balloons and Smokey Bear birthday greetings.

Forester-ranger Cindy Kohles, based at the Wilson State Nursery, Boscobel, presented a hands-on program about fire safety to all of the birthday party guests. Park Staff and volunteers of the Friends of Wyalusing State Park led Smokey Bear games and activities. Guests sang Happy Birthday to Smokey Bear. The celebration ended with a decorated birthday cake with 67 candles, cookies and lemonade. Children's names were drawn from a hat and presented with prizes.

The Friends of Wyalusing State Park is a 501(c3) nonprofit, organization. Additional information can be found at Friends of Wyalusing State Park Facebook Page.

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Civilian Conservation Corp Member Visits Wyalusing State Park

 Don Kasparek, his wife of 74 years, and family, presented Bruce Klang, President of Friends of Wyalusing State Park, with a photo commemorating Kasparek's part in the CCC. Also in attendance were Gregory Pittz, acting Park Land Manager, Beverly Pozega, Park office Manager, and members of the Friends of Wyalusing.

Don Kasparek's family were celebrating his 94th birthday. Prior to the park visit, birthday cake was served p at the Kasparek's home in Prairie Mason. Kasparek related many stories about his days at Nelson Dewey (former name of Wyausing State Park) CCC camp.

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