A Rare Event - Canoe trip to the Wisconsin River

On Sunday, June 5, 2011, Wyalusing State Park, along with all of Wisconsin State Parks, held an open house. The Friends of Wyalusing State Park, provided cookies, lemonade and coffee for the event. The Friends also provided special free programs for all of the visitors.

Bruce Klang and Randy Paske, members of the Friends of Wyalusing State Park, led a canoe/kayak trip through the backwaters of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers on Saturday, June 4, 2011, as part of the open house weekend.

Through the expert guidance of Bruce Klang, a Wyalusing State Park retired ranger, 12 or so experienced paddlers made like early explorers, following uncharted waterways, and reached the Wisconsin River just west of the Burlington Northern Railroad trestle on the Wisconsin River.  The white arrows, on the map shown on the left, show the route taken by the group. The yellow dots show the marked water trail.

The higher than usual 13 foot water level opened up many pathways which are normally closed. It is NOT recommended that lone paddlers, without a guide, take this voyage on. During normal water level, currents on the Wisconsin River are generally swift. The presence of sandbars and undercurrents, at normal water levels, may tax the novice paddler. In addition, turning into the existing water trail from the north requires a knowledge of the trail.  Most of the canoe/kayak trail signs are located on the east side of trees.  The trail is really meant to follow in a counter clockwise direction.

The group spent almost three and a half hours on the journey. (Additional photos are viewed at this link.) Watch the calendar for future water trail trips.

Summer Canoe Trail 

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