Arbor Day - Cleo Haugh

by Angie Boldt
8th Grade Teacher
On April 28th, a group of Iowa-Grant students, teachers, and parents planted a red oak tree in memory of Cleo Haugh.

The tree was planted at Wyalusing State Park near the main lodge at the indoor group campsite.

Cleo was the curriculum director for the Iowa-Grant School District for many years. He was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the outdoor education program for the 8th grade Iowa-Grant students. His dedication resulted in hundreds of memories, stories, and a great program that continues today.

His leadership role is still evident in the teachers and parents who are in charge and support the students’ efforts.

On behalf of the Iowa-Grant students, teachers, and parents, we thank Cleo and his family for his tireless work and years of recruiting special people to work and enjoy a unique experience with our future adults.

Additional Arbor Day photos shown at this link
Sixty second video available at this link.