Successful Groundhog Daze

The first annual Groundhog Daze was held at Wyalusing State Park, Bagley, Wi, on Saturday, February 5, 2011. About fifty adults and children enjoyed the warm February winter day for the celebration. Three roaring fires in the fireplaces of Peterson Shelter kept the chill from the air. The children played in waist deep snow.

The Friends of Wyalusing State Park sponsored the event. Hot food, beverages, and special groundhog desserts prepared by the friends group, warmed the crowd's insides.

 Bruce Klang, a former Wyalusing State Park employee and president of the Friends group, offered presentations on the history or Groundhog Day as well as a year in the life of the groundhog. The presentations were held in the Peterson Shelter Nature Center. A special verse composed by Klang answered the riddle 'How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?'. Click here for video.

Impromptu King of the Hill
Capture the rainbow
 A variety of winter games and activities  highlighted the afternoon.  Games included “How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck (Groundhog) Chuck”, a fox and the groundhog chase game, and capture the rainbow where participants locate colored ice cubes in the snow. Children also experimented with blowing bubbles and watching ice crystals form inside the bubble.

The afternoon culminated with a twilight walk around plowed and unplowed trails of Wyalusing State Park.

With all of the happy children and adults, surely Spring can't be far behind.

Additional photos will be found on the photo albums of The Friends of Wyalusing Blogspot. (Link)