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When you’ve got to go – you’ve got to go! The wooden and concrete pit toilet otherwise known as the outhouse, privy, latrine, vault, crapper, dooley, or even “monuments” as referred to by the Civilian Conservation Corps crews got up and went at Wyalusing State Park.

The pit toilets at Wyalusing State Park were old and dated. The wooden and concrete block buildings were difficult to maintain. The vault style allowed gasses to escape near ground level. In striving to maintain the services of these facilities to our visitors, Wyalusing State Park needed to explore options that minimized cost and construction time. The answer was found in pre-cast concrete construction. Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated concrete toilet buildings are quality-made, durable buildings, that offer time-savings on construction and installation as well as a significant cost savings compared to a site constructed building.

At a glance, these structures look like any typical site-built structure with stone veneer, clad siding and shingle roofs. However the entire building envelope is made from form-lined, cast concrete. The precast units at Wyalusing State Park were manufactured by Huffcoat Concrete, Inc. with main offices in Chippewa Falls, WI. Each unit can weigh up to 50,000 pounds. Each building is designed to withstand wind speeds of 90 plus miles per hour.

Each toilet 'flown' in. Click to enlarge.
Ten precast vault toilets and vaults arrived at preplanned intervals, on oversized low-boy flat bed trailers at Wyalusing State Park, August 15, 2011. In just an hour or two each building and vault were installed by P. A. McGuire, Inc. from Highland, WI. By the end of the day, all ten vault toilets were installed. Some ground restoration was done. A crane capable of lifting 90.000 pounds was used to set all of the components in place. The installation was completed by outfitting the structure with vent stacks.

Electrical wires have to be run. Final landscaping will continue into the Spring. The vault style toilets will be ready for the 2011 season. 

Floor plan of two new toilets.

The two old pit toilets were replaced at Wisconsin Ridge Campground with a new vault style toilet. The wooden pit toilets at Point Lookout Picnic area were replaced with new vault style toilets now located between the parking lot and the picnic shelter. The single concrete block pit toilet at the outdoor group campground was replaced by two new vault outhouses. One of the structures is in the eastern part near the upper water fountain. The second one is located at the western end, once again, near the water fountain. The last of the new vault style toilets is located between the parking lot and the shelter house at Homestead picnic area. The old wooden pit toilets will be removed.

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Wisconsin Ridge
Point Lookout
Homestead Picnic Area

One of two at Outdoor Campground
Outdoor Group Campground