High atop Blackhawk Monument rock in Nelson Dewey State Park, gazing across the Mississippi River basin,  I find myself deep in thoughts.

The end of the War brought many changes in the lives or our citizens. The men and women, who fought for our freedom, have returned to their loved ones.  Hoping for a better life. all have been looking for work.

In the background, I can hear the men of Camp Nelson Dewey, preparing for another day of planting trees, working on park trails, and roads. Stone masons and cutters are  working on foundations of the park shelters. Soon, the lookout points will have stone walls making visits safer for the park visitors. The road already reaches into the park so that baseball can be played by Camp Nelson Dewey’s team and the citizens of surrounding local towns.

My reverie is disturbed as the shrill whistle announces an approaching train. The train chugs across the bridge on the Wisconsin River. Smoke drifts across the Mississippi River.

Birds raise from the trees. It seems that each year, there are fewer and fewer passenger pigeons. I am in awe as the weight of the thousands of passenger pigeons bend the limbs of the trees. I wonder if the passenger pigeons will appear this year. With the passing of each year,  the numbers of pigeons roosting in the park trees seems to decrease.

As the sun sets, I realize that I will have to leave, to return on another day. Soon, the creatures of the night will make their appearance. I glance over my shoulder. On the edge of the woods,  a small ground hog raises on its back feet, sniffing the warm air in anticipation of a night of solitude


Speaking of Ground Hogs….

Groundhog Daze is coming to Wyalusing State Park on Feb. 5th, 2011. Featuring critter tracking, tiki torch lit sunset hike, and food for a fun filled winter afternoon in the park.  Vehicle  park admission and a donation to help defray costs. Sponsored by the Friends of Wyalusing. Please call 608-996-2261 for weather related cancellation.
Details to follow….