Canoes ready to go!

 The water is going DOWN - S-L-O-W-L-Y.  It's been about ten days since the recent rains 'up north' traveled downstream and, in turn, created flooding along this section of the Mississippi River and its backwaters. The photo on the left was taken at the River's crest. Everyone who has been to the boat landing at Wyalusing State Park will recognize this sign Almost everyone has had a photograph taken below the sign
In preparation for the high water, the boat dock was moved to higher ground. Twelve canoes, located on the lower two sections of the rack, were trailered to a safer area.

Campers who wished to experience the canoe trail have not been able to rent canoes.

Ten days later, the water has receded.  In preparation for this weekend, Columbus Day weekend, eight of the canoes will be returned to the storage rack at the boat landing. A total of twelve canoes will be available for the weekend.. The bottom six canoes will remain on higher ground. In addition to the twelve canoes, four single person kayaks will be available for rent at the Friends of Wyalusing Concession Stand.

Water levels will remain higher than normal during the weekend. At this point, it is unknown if all of the canoe trail makers have remained in place. It is quite possible that a few trees on which the canoe trail signs were posted have fallen. In addition, the actual trail may have been changed because fallen trees may have fallen across the trail. Use caution. Wear the personal flotation device. Paddle safely. Additional high water photos here...