Snakes Alive! came to Wyalusing State Park on July 31, 2010.  Tom Kessenich, a local southern Wisconsin resident, thrilled the audience with hand-on  snakes, alligator and spider. The program was sponsored by The Friends of Wyalusing.
Tom travels all over the nation presenting Snakes Alive! During the two hour informal presentation, the audience learned about snake habitat, their unique physical characteristics, how they eat and the important jobs they have in the balance of nature.

Kessenich's fascination with reptiles started when he was a boy.

"I loved dinosaurs when I was little," Kessenich said. "When I was 7 years old, I met a garden snake and I was hooked."

Kessenich takes Snakes Alive! to schools, colleges, birthday parties,
nature centers and anywhere there are people who want to be entertained
and educated.

Snakes Alive! reflects Kessenich's hands-on approach. Tom walked around
almost continuously throughout the show, letting the audience take
pictures and pet the animals.

In the introduction to his show, Kessenich said, "My show is about turning malice and fear into curiosity and fascination."

The energetic Kessenich starts with small lizards and works his way up
to bringing out the biggest snake in the show, Billy the boa

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