Kampen in Stadpark, Groningen, NL.

The writer of this blog, and spouse, has just returned from a ten-day visit to the Netherlands to visit family. One of our stops featured a ‘typical’ Dutch Park with a campground. Stadpark is located in the province and the town of Groningen. The campsite is part of a 40 year old 90 acre park on the outskirts of the town of Groningen. The campsite is 3 kilometres from the town center. Camping is a popular recreational pursuit. It is cheap. The price list (In Euros 1 E. = .70 dollars) includes:
  • Place/Pitch(Set-up a tent or trailer):1-2 pers., caravan/motorhome € 16,00 (the comma is used as a decimal point.)
  • children 2-12 years old, 0-2 free E 1,50
  • electricity 4-6 ampere E 2,00
  • Tent (excl. persons) E 4,50
  • Dog E 2,00
  • motor E 1,50
  • Tariff for groups in tent, with more than 10 persons E 6,00
  • Bicycle rent E 7.50 per day E50,00 deposit
  • Wash machine E 4,00
  • extra person from 12 years old E 2,50
  • tourist tax 2-18 years old E 0,50 per night
  • tourist tax 18 years old and older E 1,50 per night
  • plate service E 10.00
  • cabin E 35-45
  • Extra car E2,50
Domestic campgrounds are heavens of comfort, with hot showers, shops with microwave meals and built-in barbecues, etc. The campsites, called pitches, tended to be in circular areas where campers would find an area around the circumference and pitch the tent or caravan (Light weight trailers often pulled by a smaller car or van.). "Stadspark is extremely suitable for those campers not looking
for too much luxury. We offer no cable connection or individual water
supply". (http://www.campingstadspark.nl/en/faciliteiten.asp)
The camper need not worry about leveling the caravan or sleeping on a hillside. There are no hillsides!

Almost every household owns a camping shelter of some description. It can be 1-2 person ridge tent, a grand family tent with awning and rooms, a caravan or a trailer.

Similar to Wisconsin camping, overnight public campsites are an excellent place for the young to impose their freedom on others. Around dawn, the little ones like to begin to sing Dutch' children's songs; for a while, their parents will not interfere with this exercise of freedom and national pride. When the songs finally get on the parents' nerves,
they gently tell their little darlings to hush. The children exercise perfect disobedience and carry on singing and shouting.

Longer trips extend into other countries. The biggest difference is that the inventory of survival gear is expanded to include sacks potatoes, kilos of kaffie (coffee), big bags of licorice (the national candy!) and anything else they consider to be essential to existence abroad. Favorite European destinations are Scandinavia, France and Spain. The least popular nation is Germany.