A Walk in the Woods - Guest Author

Guest author is Allison Carroll. Permission granted via email 2/01/2008. 'I'd Rather be Camping ' Blog can be accessed here.

A Walk in the Woods

With temperatures hovering blissfully around 40 today we handed the emergency pager over to Mike's parents for the afternoon and headed to Wyalusing State Park. Located at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers, Wyalusing is one of our favorite parks for both hiking and camping and we visit it several times a year. Plus, its only about 30 minutes from Lancaster. We were saddened to hear that many of the trails are still closed due to damage from summer flooding (the nearby town of Bagley was hit particularly hard). While we weren't able to hike our favorite trail (past a number of Indian mounds and then down the bluffs overlooking the Wisconsin River...between the snow and the closed trails we couldn't figure out how to get there), we took a very nice walk down the Turkey Hollow Trail loop. There wasn't another soul in sight and while I enjoy having an entire state park to myself, my dogs, and my hubby, I was certainly a little perplexed as to why nobody else was taking advantage of fabulous end-of-January weather in a fabulous park.