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“It’s so-o-o quiet!”

Unlike the activities of Summer, Winter at Wyalusing State Park is a time of solitude. A time to dream.

IMG_5475 Yes, it's cold and often windy outside. And, yes, you're feeling the temptation to hibernate in front of the fire.

And winter still has a long way to go. That temptation may only get stronger.

At least for one day, resist that temptation, take a drive to Wyalusing State Park. As of this writing, a fresh coating of snow blankets Wyalusing State Park. The main park roads and parking lots are plowed.

Point LookoutIMG_5511

Dress warmly, wear boots, walk carefully to Point Lookout. (The blacktop trail may even be plowed.) Enjoy the sights. Without leaves, the views are breathtaking. Bluffs not seen during the summer, are revealed during the winter months. As a bonus, the winter visitor does not have to contend with insects.

Picture Rock Cave

Picture Rock Cave is a sight to behold. The gentle water fall, seen in the summer months, turns into giant mouth lined with icicles welcoming the unwary winter visitor.

CIMG1825 CIMG1830


Additional Photos here.

The walk to Picture Rock Cave is a challenge. Homestead campground road is not plowed. Park at the main office. From the main office, walk up the road to Homestead campground, then take the road to the indoor group camp to Homestead picnic area. From the unplowed parking lot, take the trail to Picture Rock Cave.

Needless to say, the trail is snow covered. As of this writing, the snow was knee deep in spots. A walking stick will be helpful. Snowshoes came in handy.

The round trip is about two hours.

Picture Rock via Sugar Maple Nature Trail


Snowshoeing on the Sugar Maple Nature Trail is a walk through Wyalusing’s Winter Wonderland. Without snowshoes, or cross country skis the walk along Sugar Maple Nature Trail to Picture Rock Cave may be impossible.

The author’s daughter and her companion, from the Netherlands, chose this route. The two were conveyed to the junction of Sugar Maple Nature Trail and Long Valley Road. The two snow shoed the trail to Picture Rock Cave. The trail was a steady uphill climb.

At mid-point, they took the foot bridge across a ravine to Picture Rock Cave.

The trip resumed across Homestead picnic shelter, and down Turkey Hollow Trail to the office where they were picked up.

The trip took about two hours.

Long Valley Road is plowed.

In the News

Dennis McCann

...Best park with a view of history: Wyalusing State Park, on the Mississippi River. Stand on the bluff overlooking the meeting of our own Wisconsin River and the Mighty Mississippi and imagine what it must have been like when Marquette and Joliet paddled their canoe past that very spot on their first exploration of that part of the new land. It’s a humbling experience....

2008 Best of the Parks: Best Birding Trail

Wyalusing State Park is the winner in the category of Best Birding Trail. The park, established in 1917, features Indian burial mounds, a canoe trail, camping, excellent fishing, and great bird watching. Its 2,628 acres (